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March 23, 2008


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dog stairs

One of the best ways to make visits to the vet better for everyone is to teach your dog to perform certain behaviors that he will need to do while at the office and in the examining room.


I adopted a 7 month old mixed breed who till yesterday doing very well having no accidents in the house. Yesterday she went into the carpeted family room and deficated and continued up the hall. I cleaned that up and as I was vacumeing later came as I was present and started to stool again. I FIrly said no and took her outside. Ear;ly this morning after being taken out at 0630, I noticed her going to the faily rom downstairs again and saw that she urinated on the carpet in the hall. I need to understand what is causeing this all of a sudden and how to prevent it. I now have a gate at the top of the stairs now., but we spend alot of time in the failyroom and love to have her with us. Just a further frustration, she olny seems to go on the carpet and not the the wood floor, not that I want her going anywhere in the house. HElp


In recent years, the current trends in canine immunization and boosters have come under much scrutiny. With new vaccines becoming available with increasing frequency, and with more and more vaccines being given in combination within a single injection, many pet owners and veterinary professionals are becoming concerned over the possibility of over-vaccination, particularly with regard to annual boosters, a problem with potential negative outcomes of its own.

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