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April 12, 2008


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dog crate

Nice article.. give me knowledge about dog communication

Randall Johnson

Prof. Vilmos Csányi, in his book, If Dogs Could Talk: Exploring the Canine Mind, describes how a colleague, Anthony Dóka, conducted a low-tech experiment in object-based communication using a three-month-old puli and pieces of wood carved into different shapes. Each shape represented specific objects, actions, and people. The puli quickly learned the meaning of the pieces of wood and brought the appropriate piece when asking for something. Csányi later tried it with one of his own dogs, with similar results. The experiment was abandoned because it was necessary to have the wooden shapes available at all times for the dog to select the appropriate one, plus the dog started chewing the wood, couldn't be broken of the habit, and within a few days, there were no more wooden symbols. Csányi admitted that the problem might have been solved by using chew-resistant materials and encouraged additional investigation. I mention this only because Rossi and Ades's study is supported by historical precedent. They have found a high-tech alternative to shapes (symbols) carved from pieces of wood and, in doing so, they're opening up an exciting new area of research into human/canine communication. Imagine the implications this line of research could have with service and therapy dogs, not to mention enhancing our ability to communicate with and understand our canine companions at home.

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