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April 21, 2008


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Ya.. its really nice.. I like it.. Brilliant read.Thanks.


Oh! I found one good blog after a long time.
Nice one.


HI there, I visited Nicaragua this winter, and this is still a huge problem. There are people helping wheck out this site and donate if you can:

It is my understanding from speaking to people that they have volunteer vets but need help from people skilled at animal behaviour and adopting practices. I was sad to find that many foreign owned guest houses buy 'bred' dogs instead of rescued dogs when there is such a problem. If you go there, make sure your guest house has a rescued dog not a bought one.

Nick Matyas

Awesome posting.
Really nice writing.
As always ur posts are very helpful.


Nick Matyas

Looks so good in the website. It's really helpful. Thanks for your posting.

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