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July 02, 2008


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Paige Lundgren

I recently took in a second dog. I now have 2 male Boston terriers. Frank is 1 year old and Leroy, our original dog is 4. Frank has a few minor behavioral issues. He chews stuff if left alone and acts very nervous and submissive to all the humans in the house. He and Leroy get along well, but there's one thing that bothers me. The dogs wrestle and bite at each others faces! There hasn't been any blood, missing hair or any real viscousness. It just looks and sounds so scary! There were a few small scabs on both dogs on their cheeks a few weeks ago. Frank also tends to try to dominate Leroy by sitting on top of him and he bumps Leroy out of the way with his body when I give Leroy affection. I yell at them to stop when the rough stuff starts, but I don't know what to replace this weird, physical behavior with.

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