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September 01, 2008


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Everytime I pet my dog on the face, her jowel moves up in a twitch like motion. Trying to figure out if this is normal or not...

D. Wilde

My terrier mix (female) greets us at the door with a shoe. She doesn't seem to care who it belongs to. But, she always finds one. She does the same with socks, trash, and toys (never her own.) Try as hard as we can we can't seem to keep everything out of her grasp. She hides treasures away and then they appear when we walk in the door! We give her a lot of attention, affection, toys, and treats. Still, she only likes our stuff. What can we do?


My 2 year old Golden Retriever-Aussie mix, Duncan, is a very affectionate dog. But he rarely gives me dog kisses (licks) - instead, he nibbles on my head! I've never experienced this before with other dogs. He will lick my husband for kisses but is stingy with the nibbles. He's a very gentle, sweet, happy dog. I know little about Aussies, but grew up with Goldens and he looks and acts like a goofy Golden through and through. What is this nibbling all about? Thanks!


I live in Brazil and own 22 dogs, 5 of them are males - mostly pugs and schnauzer miniature. Recently, my parents moved in with me and brought their 6 dogs. Before that, dog fights were rare situations. Now, it happens almost everyday. These fights happen mostly amongst same sex dogs. It doesn´t seem to be hierarchy establishment because, when a fight starts, all dogs seem to join. My parents are old and can´t handle the situation. I fear leaving home and have the dogs hurting each other. Last weeks I was bit twice when trying to separate the dogs. Throwing water is not enough. They are trained, but the commands aren´t obbeyed. I don´t want to keep the dogs inside their houses the whole day, but more and more, they are kept there.
Also, barking has increased suddenly to a point that my neighbours are complaining.
I am getting very stressed with the whole situation.
Please help.
Any information, readings, cases, or sites would be extremely welcome.

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