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  • Con Slobodchikoff, Ph.D.
    Slobodchikoff is President and CEO of Animal Communications, Ltd., specializing in pet behavior problems and in educating people about the behavior of animals.

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December 23, 2008


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I wish I could find a trainer like you in my area. I have a reactive/aggressive dog that I need help with but all the trainers in my area want to use what I consider to be outdated methods such as putting a choke chain on him to jerk him into submission and show him who's boss. I have been through countless books and videos searching for a humane way to help my dog and can assure you that the situation is "horribly confusing".

Randall Johnson

Thanks for sharing another great background story. Intuition, or “intuitive feel’, is critical to many professions, especially those related to caring for people and animals. However, those who don’t have it with animals may have it in another area. We all have our 'calling' in life.

Cam Buchan

I have a 7 month old Golden Retriever and a 3ish year old mastiff cross. We love them both and enjoy watching them together. I've taken several classes and always wonder why is it that trainers spend so much time talking while the dogs (and owners!) try to sit still for it. Perhaps they love the sound of their own voice. Keep up the interesting articles... I've love it when you emails arrive.

Cheers and Merry Christmas

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