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  • Con Slobodchikoff, Ph.D.
    Slobodchikoff is President and CEO of Animal Communications, Ltd., specializing in pet behavior problems and in educating people about the behavior of animals.

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December 16, 2008


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Kerry M.

Thanks for sharing your story, Dr. London! I know this is an old post, but I just stumbled across it today. It is a dream of mine to become a CAAB, but like you said, there is no established path to follow. I'm so confused about how to get started! Would you consider doing a blog entry with some tips for aspiring behaviorists? Thanks again!

Randall Johnson

Thanks for sharing such an interesting story! By doing so, you may be helping to encourage/inspire future animal behaviorists. As you pointed out, it's not a simple matter of going to 'animal behavior school', so your educational pathway could provide others with a useful road map. I hope Dr. Slobodchikoff will consider sharing his story, too, for the same reasons.

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