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  • Con Slobodchikoff, Ph.D.
    Slobodchikoff is President and CEO of Animal Communications, Ltd., specializing in pet behavior problems and in educating people about the behavior of animals.

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January 02, 2009


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dog jumping up

I like what you told about dog training. It is very fun to read and full of information. I wish you will create a blog just like this again. More power.

Pet Owner Blog

That's so true that if a dog is forced in dog training then the trainer won't get too far with it, as arising fear is not a good helper. The main thing to lay on the basis of training of love and sympathy.

Randall Johnson

You drew some interesting parallels between basic dog training techniques and essential life skills. If we don't apply these same techniques in our human relationships, we wind up unhappy with them. Periodically, we need to be reminded. Thanks for doing so.
As for the human-dog bond, there's some fairly convincing evidence that the two species have been 'hanging out' together for a long time, so it's not too surprising that the same basic rules would apply. In closing, I'd like to wish Drs. Slobodchikoff and London and the readers of the Dog Behavior Blog a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.


Nice to meet you! I begin blog and make a dog-related collection of links recently.
Your page linked, too. Would you link my page if you like? Thanking you in advance.

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