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July 30, 2009


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The problem with cat lovers is that they don't understand that felines are solitary rather than social like dogs so they end up projecting positive values of intelligence on an animal that can't understand empathy (so they call cats stoic or crafty or some such, intelligent masters because they tend to ignore humans as opposed to antisocial and incapable of understanding the family structure, etc. Dogs, OTOH, do understand social structures like family and their body language is very readable so when they do things we don't understand they call them stupid because they unconsciously expect them to closer approximate human intelligence.

dog lover,cat hater

oops im sorry i forgot that cats can use their usless little claws to fight back on dogs... give me a break.dogs are stronger

dog lover,cat hater

im writing this to dsg that wrote "cats are smarter than dogs no question" well let me tell you something,dogs obey their owners,and are used to track down criminals in the police, cats on the other hand do whatever they want and get away with it, so they NEVER learn. that narrows it down,BY FAR dogs are smarter!

p.s. dogs are definently stronger than cats. a simple little dog can kill a grown cat in a heart beat


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cat insurance

cats aren't just smarter.
they're superior.
and they know they are.

pulling on leash stop dog from your the puppy leashes

.., dogs are smarter than cats.. with many proofs around.. there are more dogs walking around with their owner with their leash.. proves that dogs are more trainable than cats... lol.. :)


cats are smarter than dogs, no question

cat health problems

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  Randall Johnson

Cats are regarded as "exploitive captives", which is to say they are captive to humans but exploit this relationship to their benefit rather than suffer from it. That might be the underlying reason for asserting that "humans obey cats".

Big John

It's well documented that dogs obey humans, and humans obey cats. So, which is smarter? (Scientists aren't as clever as they think.)

  Randall Johnson

Although my current household is dog dominant, cats have been actively included at various times; always females. I never asked myself which one was ‘smarter’ and I’ve come to the conclusion that this really isn’t a meaningful question. As pointed out in the post, cats and dogs have different evolutionary and ecological histories. Granted, dogs have a longer association with humans and they’re highly social animals, but each species does what it needs to do…and does it well. Both have developed unique ways of relating to us that involve communication, and pursuing this line of research would ultimately be more productive than trying to prove this one is more intelligent than that one. So instead of asking pointless questions about which one is ‘better’ or ‘smarter’, let’s appreciate the things they bring their relationships with us, enjoying the similarities and respecting the differences.

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