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August 06, 2009


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I think that your blog post says alot about neighbors and how sometimes how when we really look, we get to see something truly special. Your story put a smile on my face. And both my dogs do have that same smile when they get more than 2 long walks a day.

Jason "Dog Walker" Mahlin

Elise Walker

Well, I think you're trying to find the "good" even in people who are rather annoying or thoughtless. I do know another person who is very affectionate with his cat, but is a little gruff to children. I wonder why some people like animals better than other people. Perhaps because animals are easier to deal with than demanding humans.


I appreciate someone taking notice of a dog-owner fulfilling a commitment with love and daily dedication. I, too, am out in all weather (in Wisconsin) trying to enjoy time with my dogs, give them exercise and establish routine.
Some of my neighbor's have said unenthusiastically, "Boy, they sure get walked a lot, don't they?" Kind of gives me the impression that many different sorts of people still don't walk their dogs. Whether a dog walks once day or once a week is irrelevant and unnecessary to them. However, I've had other neighbors tell me how nice it is to see our smiling faces each day (at least my dogs smiling faces).
I guess that what we value (and despise) most in others tells a lot about what we value most in ourselves.
I've had neighbor issues as well, and still can look at them as wonderful people because of a few important positive traits. Your old neighbor sounds respectable to me!

  Randall Johnson

No matter how many times he may walk the dog, a bad neighbor is still a bad neighbor. And I don’t think the frequency of his dog walks is enough to qualify him as a ‘good’ person, as there as countless factors to that go into determining ‘goodness’. Sorry, but dog walking doesn’t carry that much weight.

And what about those people who CAN’T take their dog out for a walk on a regular basis for reasons of illness, disability, or an unexpected change in circumstances, like the loss of a spouse that leaves the surviving spouse responsible for raising the kids, taking care of the house, and holding down a job? If these folks can’t walk their dogs outside the house several times a day come rain or some shine, does that make them ‘bad'?

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