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September 24, 2009


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Stop Dog Aggression

Dogs are most often aggressive when they are defending their territory. This is why dogs bark when strangers come to your home, especially delivery personnel with their noisy trucks.

Stop Dog Aggression

I think dogs become aggressive when they feel threatened in some way. This threat could take several forms. The dog may be possessive and defending an object it feels belongs to him. This could be food, a toy, a bed or any other object the dog has come to value.


I agree 100%!! now what would be your advice on how to stop dogs who are aggressive in that way?

  Randall Johnson

Excellent post; informative and highly useful! This is consistent with what I've seen among street dogs in my community, in which most relationships are either affiliative or neutral. Aggressive behavior accounts for around 5% of observed encounters. So...what mechanisms are at work for those dogs that circumvent the elaborate threat displays and attack in stealth mode?

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