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February 11, 2010


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Nancy Frensley CPTD-KA, CAP2

Sean, What a great pack and journal you have. I just adopted a a 14 month old Aussie and am back to having to log basic training.

Today: First outing at park on long line. Worked on recalls. He comes without further prompting 50% of the time.

This way I can track my progress. Also, a trainer friend of mine came up with
"perfect day" stickers. She had a special sticker for the calendar every time she and her dog had a perfect day. She got a lot of encouragement seeing his progress.

Keep up the great work-and keep that journal going.


Thanks for the information, I am guilty of not being consistent with my training at home as well. I haven't been to any training classes with my dogs, but I still feel a responsibility to keep my dogs engaged, at a minimum I make it a point to do marker training once a week on my days off work. Writing down the plan will help me keep on track.

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