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June 15, 2010


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I have 2 beagles who love their kongs with peanut butter. However I have a problem - my boy who is not quite 1 year old is an extreme power chewer - he's destroyed a black extreme kong! Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives - he's not quite grown out of the puppy chewing phase yet!

Steve Tucker

I feed my two rescue dogs all their food from kongs and two other feeders. I have a BC that is in the 1% and she is chewing through the black ones too. I understand there is a dark blue series now that is tougher than the black ones. My other dog using the puppy kongs as he is a very soft chewer. The red version was too tough for him. The blue kong is made of Radiopaque rubber and should be visible on an Xray just in case. Has anyone else seen or heard about the blue kong?

Cam Buchan

I have two dogs and they enjoy the crazy bouncing of their Kongs. Peanut butter stuffed in the ends is a great way to spend a rainy day. I'd be interested to know how you use them in training. Great post.

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