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September 23, 2010


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How fun, to have that Tidy up command. And wow, teaching a dog to lift a leg and not mark? That's impressive. Right now we're working on a play bow on the "Go Bow" command...both of my boys are pretty good at it. Rather than tricks, we like to work on dance steps...not so different, but we hope to eventually string enough together to perform. Thanks for the great ideas!


The trainer I use has trained her dog to go to the fridge, open it, get out a beer, take it to her husband, then go back and close the door!

Harry Steinman

My 2 favorite tricks with Zippy, a 4 year-old rescue from the MSPCA, are, "Squirrel" and "Kitty" Upon hearing either of those cues, Zippy immediately turns to look at me for a treat. These behaviors are a godsend when we are on walks and one of those named critters is nearby.

Other tricks are 'twirl' (he does a quick 360) and 'gee' and 'haw' (he goes to either my right side or my left). Another useful one is 'around'--as we walk, he moves to the opposite side by walking behind me. I use that when the leash is getting tangled, a very useful behavior when I'm walking 2 dogs.

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