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January 06, 2011


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MD Dog Federation

This is a very silly study. They make too many assumptions about: the stupidity of dogs (equivalent to a human study about body language cues using a waving manniquin), the curiosity of dogs, and the fact that the tail is not the only body language cue a dog recognizes. There's lip tightness, lip licking, brow furrowing, ear position, head and tail presenation, head height, eye softness, tail level and many nuances besides tail-ness.

This is little more than people who are trying to claim that tail docking leads to more dog fights. I have no prob figuring out the mood or intent of rotties, boxers, pugs, frenchies, labs, or most any dog types, tail or not, so I don't think dogs have a problem understanding their own language.

I think a much better study is to determine if dogs, isolated from other dogs in their formative weeks, have trouble understanding "dog" body language.

Dog Behaviourist


How did the robot reproduce body positions? I presume with this experiment they would of also taken into account that aswell as a dog wagging its tail it also shapes its body to give off signals to dogs.



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